Fastgene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit

Two-in-one kit; Extraction of DNA from agarose gels and purification of PCR products
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P4-0506Fastgene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit100 Preps£183.00
FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kits are designed for the extraction of DNA from agarose gels and for the purification of PCR products. DNA fragments purified with FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kits are ready for direct use in all common downstream applications including sequencing, ligation and transformation, restriction digestion, microarray analysis, PCR and in vitro transcription.  

Extra benefits

In each Kit 5 Agarose Gel Band Cutters and 50 µl Midori Green Advance DNA stain (enough to stain 1l of agarose gels) are included excise a DNA fragment out of agarose gelsMidori stains included - free of chargeagarose gel band cutter


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Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
P4-0508Fastgene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit300 Preps£418
G9-0310Spacer Set 1mmPk2£42