FastGene FAS-X Blue/Green LED Gel Documentation System

Powerful system for imaging DNA, RNA and protein gels using Blue/Green LED technology
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G5-0750FastGene FAS-X Blue/Green LED Gel Documentation SystemEach£7,628.00
The FastGene® FAS-X is an impressive stand-alone gel documentation system. Its elegant design and small footprint (only 40 cm) allow it to fit into any laboratory environment. No external computer is required. Enhanced interaction via the 13.3” full HD touch screen provides a simple user experience, while large storage capacity (128 GB) and network compatibility improve data management and workflow efficiency. The Blue-Green LED transilluminator is integrated into a push-to-open loading drawer ensuring absolute darkness and the best image quality without light contamination.   Brilliant Image Quality
  • Equipped with a 20 MPixel colour camera, the FastGene® FAS-X provides high resolution gel images and simplifies the process of selecting the area of interest on your gel.
  • The camera‘s scientific-grade 1 inch CMOS sensor offers a remarkable sensitivity, detecting nucleic acids at concentrations as low as 2 ng. This ensures that every detail is captured with precision for publication-quality images.
  • The giant transilluminator with a viewing area of 26 cm x 21 cm ensures perfect illumination of all gel sizes, large gels as well as multiple gels.
  • The prefocused optical unit allows you to capture images without the need to refocus, saving you time and allowing you to capture images faster
  • The most important innovation is the implementation of the Blue/Green LED technology. No harmful UV-light is used, so there is no risk of UV light exposure
  • Commonly used UV light poses risks not only to the user but also to the sample. Blue/Green LED technology works within the wavelengths of a light spectrum ranging from 470 nm to 520 nm. This range of light is in the visible spectrum and is not harmful to the user or the DNA sample, making the gel documentation process safer.
  • One  Blue/Green light source is effective for DNA, RNA and proteins. In addition to its remarkable safety, the integrated Blue/Green LED light effectively excites a wide range of common red (incl. EtBr) and green DNA dyes as well as fluorescent proteins with very high intensity. This is achieved by accumulating the light energy absorbed by the fluorophores
Powerful white light Documentation beyond fluorescent gels is possible with the additional white light. The filter wheel in the FAS-X offers the advantage of effortlessly switching between fluorescence (Blue/Green LED light) and the white light mode Together with the included white plate, the white light mode can be used to visualize colourimetric PAGE protein gels with an impressive quality. In addition, high-resolution images of (colourimetric) western blot membranes or bacterial colony plates can be obtained in white light mode.  



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