Fastgene® Blue/Green Light LED XL- Transilluminator (470-520nm), 330 x 320 x 130mm

Novel technology enabling signal intensities as high as UV without damaging DNA
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G5-0717Fastgene® Blue/Green Light LED XL- Transilluminator (470-520nm), 330 x 320 x 130mmEach£1,769.00
The use of UV transilluminators for the detection of DNA or RNA in agarose gels, is still very common, although we know quite well that the shorter the wavelength is, the more the DNA will be damaged quickly, which is dangerous especially if the separated DNA should be used in downstream experiments like cloning or sequencing. Just seconds of UV light are enough to reduce the cloning efficiency significantly. In contrast to UV instruments, the new innovative LED technology is using a much higher wavelength, means energy less light. This will lead to the fact that the nucleic acids are not damaged but sometimes sensitivity is lower as compared to UV light. Furthermore regular BLUE LED technology is working well with green dyes but couldn’t be recommended with red dyes like Ethidium Bromide, because the longer wavelength is favourable for green dyes but not for red components. To solve these problems, Nippon Genetics developed a brand new LED technology which is unique in the world so far. We have developed a so called BLUE/GREEN LED technology and we found out that this technology shows superior sensitivity with green and red dyes. The Image shows the results obtained with the FastGene Blue/Green Transilluminator. The FastGene® Blue/Green LED Transilluminator comes with  amber goggles which filters the blue backlight efficiently. This can be used with existing gel imaging systems, please check with support@geneflow.co.uk to confirm which filters are required. The FastGene® Blue/Green LED XL- Transilluminator combined with an attached amber filter screen which enables an easy removal of bands from agarose gels.

Comparison of DNA Dyes

DNA marker were separated on a 1,5 % agarose gel and stained with Midori Green Direct, Midori Green Advance or ethidium bromide (EtBr, red). Visualization was performed by using the new FastGene® Blue/Green LED Transilluminator as well as a regular UV transilluminator (302 nm).


The FastGene® Blue/Green LED Transilluminator can detect DNA separated on a gel without loss of sensitivity. Even red dyes can be used without any problem. In conclusion, the best sensitivity can be achieved by using Midori Green Direct and the FastGene® Blue/Green Transiluminator.  


Dimensions (L x B x H) 330 x 320 x 130 mm Weight 6.3 kg Work area 260 x 210 mm Wavelength LED's 480 – 530 nm LED position on side, below working area Power 2 A Voltage 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
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G5-0719Blue/Green LED FlashLightEach£879
P4-0508Fastgene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit300 Preps£418
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