FastGene® Blue/Green LED Flashlight

Novel technology enabling signal intensities as high as UV without damaging DNA in a hand-held format
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
G5-0719FastGene® Blue/Green LED FlashlightEach£879.00
Visualize your gel with the new FastGene® Blue/Green LED Flashlight. It is equipped with the same Blue/Green LED technology used in the FastGene® Blue/Green Transilluminator. The FastGene® Blue/Green Flashlight has all the benefits of the LED light, such as being harmless to your skin and to your DNA sample, as well as the signal intensity previously only seen on UV-light transilluminator.


Wavelength LED's 480-530 nm LED position below , below working area Accessories included 1x FastGene® Amber flashlight filter


G5-0719 Manual FG-11
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
G5-0713FastGene White Light Plate for Protein Gel VisualisationEach£196
B9-0048SSC Buffer (20 X)4 Litre£152.3
P4-0508Fastgene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit300 Preps£418
G9-2502Mupid™ LED IlluminatorEach£398
G5-0716FastGene® Blue Light LED Illuminator 470nm, 12cm x 7cm Viewing AreaEach£789
G5-0720Amber Goggles for use with Blue/Green and Blue Light LED TransilluminatorsEach£102