FastGene® 2x PROBE Mix Universal qPCR Mix with Separate ROX

Detects genes at a lower CT-value, creating a higher sensitivity compared to SYBR Green
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P8-0070FastGene® 2x PROBE Mix Universal qPCR Mix with Separate ROX500 Reactions£177.30
Fig. 1: Comparing the performance of FastGene® Probe Universal kit (red) to major competitors KB (green) and A (purple) for three different genes (A-C). FastGene® Probe Universal kit show similar performance as the best kits in the market.


Quantification of Gene Expression. Quantification of Gene Copy number. Multiplex qPCR. SNP genotyping. NGS validation. Get a very high dynamic range and reproducible results by using the FastGene® PROBE Universal mix. Achieve higher efficiencies and more accurate results The robustness of the buffer ensures the ability to perform multiplex qPCR. Get the highest sensitivity for multiple targets using the FastGene® PROBE Universal mix. The FastGene® PROBE Universal mix is compatible with all real-time PCR instruments. The unique buffer composition enables a faster reaction: apply a fast protocol, available on many modern qPCR instruments and save plenty of time.
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P8-0070 Fig 1


P8-0070 Protocol LS4505
P8-0070 MSDS LS4505
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
P8-0062FastGene® 2x IC Green Universal qPCR Mix (Fluorescein)100 Reactions£43.20