FastGene® 2x IC Green Universal qPCR Mix (Fluorescein)

Detects genes at a lower CT-value, creating a higher sensitivity compared to SYBR Green
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P8-0064FastGene® 2x IC Green Universal qPCR Mix (Fluorescein)500 Reactions£202.00

IC Green qPCR Universal Kit

It is well-known that SYBR Green is extensively inhibiting the qPCR. This fact led to the development of SYBR resistant enzymes. An alternative approach is to develop a dye that does not inhibit the reaction. This dye is named FastGene® IC Green. FastGene® IC Green is an intercalating dye, only detecting double stranded DNA. By not inhibiting the reaction, the FastGene® IC Green kit is able to detect genes at a lower CT-value, creating a higher sensitivity.  

No inhibition – For the highest sensitivity

The superior buffer chemistry enables the detection of low copy number genes, which with other dyes could not be detected. The comparison to competitors shows that FastGene® IC Green is one of the best qPCR mixes available. This has been confirmed by customers analysing many different genes.  

Robust chemistry for faster results

The FastGene® IC Green buffers were designed to have a superior robustness. This guarantees the linearity of the qPCR and creates a better accuracy, essential for reproducible results. Additionally, qPCRs can be performed at lower amplifcation times for example using fast protocols.  

Universal – for any qPCR instrument

The FastGene® IC Green kit is universal. The reference dyes come in a separate vial and can be added once to the master mixes. Hence, this kit can be used with qPCR instruments which need a high ROX™ concentration as well as instruments that need a low concentration or no ROX™. This version is supplied with fluorescein.  


Quantification of Gene Expression. Quantification of Gene Copy number. Melt-curve analysis. Detection of Gene Expression (Knock-out analysis).
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