CleanAll RNA/DNA Purification Kit – 23800

For the rapid and efficient purification, cleanup and concentration of RNA or DNA
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P4-0097CleanAll RNA/DNA Purification Kit – 2380020 Preps£305.00
Clean All DNA/RNA Clean-Up and Concentration Micro Kit provides a rapid method for the purification, clean-up and concentration of RNA or DNA from different isolation methods or upstream applications. The kit can be used as an alternative to organic extraction and ethanol precipitation to clean up various enzymatic reactions. The Clean All Kit purifies RNA from phenol/guanidine-based protocols or from various upstream enzymatic reactions such as DNase treatment, labelling and in vitro transcription. Furthermore, endotoxins can be removed from previously purified RNA solutions. The kit can be used to clean up DNA from digestions, ligations, PCR reactions, labelling reactions, DNA modification reactions and staining. The kit also provides a protocol for the rapid removal of endotoxins from previously purified DNA down to 0.1 EU/ µg DNA or less. Purify all sizes of RNA, from large mRNA and ribosomal RNA down to microRNA (miRNA) and small interfering RNA (siRNA). Purify all sizes of DNA, from small PCR products, native or linearized plasmids, to Genomic DNA. Using an alternative protocol, even oligonucleotides and smaller DNA fragments can be purified.


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P4-0064MicroRNA Purification Kit – 2130025 Preps£289
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