AcrylaGel (30% w/v Acrylamide Stock Solution)

Stabilized acrylamide solution that is deionized and pre-filtered
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
A2-0086AcrylaGel (30% w/v Acrylamide Stock Solution)450ml£80.40
AcrylaGel is a ready-to-use, 30% acrylamide solution in distilled/deionized water. AcrylaGel contains 300 grams of acrylamide per litre of solution. Because acrylamide in its crystalline form is subject to self-polymerization, the purity and consistency of polymerized AcrylaGel is superior to that obtainable with powdered acrylamide. AcrylaGel can be crosslinked with Bis-AcrylaGel, a ready-to-use, 2% solution of methylene bisacrylamide with the same advantages as the AcrylaGel acrylamide solution. However, any powdered crosslinking reagent can be used with AcrylaGel.


Stabilized Acrylamide Solution. Deionized and Pre-filtered. Aldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free. Certified RNase and DNase Free. Stabilized for a Two Year Shelf Life.


A2-0086 Protocol EC-810
A2-0086 MSDS EC-810
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
B9-0032SDS PAGE Tank Buffer (10 X ) Tris-Glycine SDS4 Litre£105.85
A2-0088Bis-AcrylaGel (2% w/v Bis-Acrylamide Stock Solution)1 Litre£61.2
A2-0201Ammonium Persulfate (Ultra Pure)25g£42.55
S6-0028ProtoMarkers Pre-Stained Protein Markers, 20-190kDa0.5ml£234.85