Total RNA Extraction and Purification Including microRNA

Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
P4-0058Total RNA Purification Kit – 1720050 Preps£329.00
P4-0450Total RNA Purification Kit (CE/IVD Marked) – Dx1720050 Preps£340.00
P4-0069Total RNA Purification Kit – 37500100 Preps£620.00
P4-0227Total RNA Purification Kit – 17250250 Preps£1,395.00
P4-0426Total RNA Purification Kit – 17270500 Preps£2,449.00
P4-0015Total RNA Purification Plus Kit – 4830050 Preps£445.00
P4-0016Total RNA Purification Plus Kit – 48400100 Preps£685.00
P4-0099Total RNA Purification Micro Kit – 3530050 Preps£503.00
P4-0336Total RNA Purification Plus Micro Kit – 4850050 Preps£513.00
P4-0057Total RNA Purification Maxi Kit – 268008 Preps£201.00
P4-0059Total RNA Purification Kit, 96-Well Kit – 243002 Plates£815.00
P4-0442Total RNA Purification Kit, 96-Well Kit – 243706 Plates£2,320.00
P4-0440Total RNA Purification Kit, 96-Well Kit (Deep Well Format) – 243502 Plates£815.00
P4-0444Total RNA Purification Kit, 96-Well Kit (Deep Well Format) – 243806 Plates£2,320.00
P4-0061Animal Tissue RNA Purification Kit – 2570050 Preps£434.00
P4-0188Proteinase K in Storage Buffer (20mg/mL) – 282295 x 1ml£179.00
P4-0189Proteinase K in Storage Buffer (20mg/mL) – 283615ml£169.00
P4-0064MicroRNA Purification Kit – 2130025 Preps£289.00
P4-0164Single Cell RNA Purification Kit – 5180050 Preps£542.00
P4-0075Fatty Tissue RNA Purification Kit – 3620025 Preps£269.00
K1-0160RBC Lysis Solution, for use with EZ-DNA and EZ-RNA Kits for Whole Blood100ml£30.00
A2-0214DEPC Treated Water, Sterile, Certified Nuclease Free1 Litre£71.30
P4-0447Saliva/Swab RNA Purification Kit – 6910050 Preps£349.00
P4-0448Saliva/Swab RNA Purification Kit (CE/IVD Marked) – Dx6910050 Preps£374.00
P4-0456Saliva/Swab RNA Purification 96-Well Kit – 693002 Plates£998.00
P4-0457Saliva/Swab RNA Purification 96-Well Kit (CE/IVD Marked) -Dx693002 Plates£1,030.00

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