Isolate RNA, microRNA, DNA and Proteins from the Same Sample

Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
K1-0120EZ-RNA Total RNA Isolation Kit100ml£197.00
K1-0122EZ-RNA II Total RNA Isolation Kit without Chloroform (with BCP)100ml£211.00
P4-0140RNA/DNA/Protein Purification kit – 4770050 Preps£571.50
P4-0174RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Plus Micro Kit – 5160050 Preps£666.00
P4-0341RNA/DNA/Protein Purification 96-Well Plus Kit – 517001 Plate£788.00
P4-0168RNA/DNA Purification Kit – 4870050 Preps£534.00
P4-0235RNA/DNA Purification Micro Kit – 5030050 Preps£565.00
P4-0019RNA/Protein Purification Plus Kit – 4820050 Preps£507.50

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