PCR Strips

Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
P3-0051EU Optical Flat Cap Thin-Wall 8-Cap StripPk120£32.50
P3-0262EU Wide Area Optical Indented Flat 12-Cap Strip, NaturalPk80£25.50
P3-0264EU Optical Wide Area Cap Plate 96 Format Indented Flat CapPk25£63.00
P3-0300EU Opti-Seal – Optical Disposable Adhesive Seals for PCR PlatesPk100£104.00
P3-2006Flat 8-Cap Sealing StripPk300£35.50
P3-2008Domed 8-Cap Sealing StripPk300£35.50
P3-2010Transparent Sealing Film for PCR PlatesPk100£81.90

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