Thermal Cyclers

Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
T3-0140SensoQuest Basic Thermal Labcycler (without gradient & without block)Each£3,334.00
T3-0150SensoQuest Gradient Thermal Labcycler (without block)Each£3,668.00
T3-0152Gradient Upgrade from Labcycler Basic to GradientEach£622.00
T3-015448-Well (0.5ml) Thermoblock, Gradient Capable, SilverEach£2,668.00
T3-015596-Well (0.2ml), Thermoblock, Gradient Capable, Aluminium, Maximum Volume 100ulEach£2,300.00
T3-015696-Well (0.2ml) Thermoblock, Gradient Capable, SilverEach£2,668.00
T3-0158384-Well Thermoblock, Gradient Capable, SilverEach£2,834.00
T3-0160Triple Block without Passive Lids, 3 x 21-Well (0.2ml), Non-Gradient CapableEach£2,734.00
T3-0162Passive Lid for T3-0160Each£150.00
T3-0170SensoQuest Gradient Labcycler 48s Including Silver 48 x 0.2ml BlockEach£4,084.00
T3-0172SensoQuest Gradient Labcycler 48 Including Aluminium 48 x 0.2ml BlockEach£3,500.00
T3-0174SensoQuest Labcycler 48 Including Aluminium 48 x 0.2ml BlockEach£3,168.00
T3-0176SensoQuest Labcycler 48s Including Silver 48 x 0.2ml BlockEach£3,834.00
T3-0180FastGene Ultra Cycler Gradient Thermal Cycler Including 96 x 0.2ml BlockEach£4,498.00

Geneflow Limited
Paul Fisher House, 1 The Sycamore Tree, Elmhurst Business Park, Elmhurst,
Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 8EX 

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