Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
G5-0742FAS Nano Gel Documentation SystemEach£1,019.00
G5-0746FastGene FAS-Digi Compact Gel Documentation SystemEach£4,126.00
G5-0735FastGene FAS-BG LED BOXEach£3,995.00
G5-0750FastGene FAS-X Blue/Green LED Gel Documentation SystemEach£7,628.00
G5-0744FastGene® FAS-Digi PRO Geldoc SystemEach£5,405.00
G5-0022NuGenius System for DNA and Protein Analysis and Gel Documentation.Each£6,278.00
G5-0024NU:Genius 3+ System for DNA and Protein Analysis and Gel Documentation.Each£7,500.00
G5-0705UV Transilluminator (20 x 24cm) 302nm, 230V, 50Hz with Runners, MediumWaveEach£1,091.00
G5-0008InGenius 3 – 3MP 12/16bit System, with Epi LED White Lights, Filter Drawer & UV FilterEach£4,073.00
G5-0512G:BOX-F3, LFB Gel Documentation SystemEach£8,388.00
G5-0712UV Transilluminator (20 x 20cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz with Runners, Medium WaveEach£827.00
G5-0144Short Pass FilterEach£479.00
G5-0042Visible Light ConverterEach£124.00
G5-0043UV to Blue Light Converter, Size 21 x 26cm, Suitable for Safe DyesEach£360.00
G5-0706UV Transilluminator (20 x 20cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz + RunnersEach£969.00
G5-0710UV Transilluminator (25 x 30cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz + RunnersEach£1,373.00
G5-0038Blue LED Transilluminator, Viewing Area 20 x 16cm + Sliding TrayEach£952.00
G5-0039UV to Blue Light Converter, Size 25 x 30cm Suitable for DNA Safe DyesEach£378.00
G5-005520 x 14 cm Fold Down White Light Pad with BracketsEach£448.00
G5-0040Visible Light Converter, Size 30.5 x 33cmEach£124.00
G5-0146Short Pass Filter [Range 515 -599nm]Each£494.00
G5-0725MWT8 – UV Bulb for Medium Wave TransilluminatorsEach£40.00

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Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 8EX 

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