Fluorescence and Chemiluminescence

Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
G5-0036Slimline Flat White Light Panel 20 x 14cmEach£316.00
G5-0026G:BOX Chemi XX6 Gel Imaging System for Chemiluminescence and FluorescenceEach£25,793.00
G5-0010G:BOX Chemi XRQ Gel Documentation System, 4.0MP, 16 Bit CameraEach£14,869.00
G5-0028G:BOX Chemi XX9 Gel Imaging System for Chemiluminescence and Fluorescence, 9MP, 16 Bit CameraEach£26,870.00
G5-0706UV Transilluminator (20 x 20cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz + RunnersEach£969.00
G5-0710UV Transilluminator (25 x 30cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz + RunnersEach£1,373.00
G5-0039UV to Blue Light Converter, Size 25 x 30cm Suitable for DNA Safe DyesEach£378.00
G5-0040Visible Light Converter, Size 30.5 x 33cmEach£124.00
G5-0148Short Pass [Range 516 – 600nm]Each£870.00
G5-0050525nm Filter (Range 516-539m)Each£1,187.00
G5-0052605nm Filter for Multiplexing (Range 594-610nm)Each£1,590.00
G5-0054705nm Filter for Multiplexing (Range 700-720nm)Each£1,590.00
G5-0725MWT8 – UV Bulb for Medium Wave TransilluminatorsEach£40.00

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