Culture Media

Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
K1-0502DCCM-1 without L-Glutamine Serum Free Media500ml£122.00
K1-0512LPM (Low Protein Media BSA-Free) without L-Glutamine500ml£104.50
K1-0604BIOINSECT-1 with L-Glutamine500ml£118.00
K1-0618Schneider’s Drosophila Medium with L-Glutamine500ml£60.50
K1-0622DCCM-2 without L-Glutamine500ml£104.50
K1-0514RPMI Medium 1640, without Glucose, without L-Glutamine500ml£26.00
K1-0644BIOAMF-2 Complete Medium500ml£196.50
K1-0650Crystalline Trypsin Solution (0.02%), without Phenol Red500ml£17.00
K1-0649Crystalline Trypsin Solution (0.02%) Non-Cytotoxic100ml£28.50
K1-0652Trypsin EDTA Solution A (0.25%), EDTA (0.02%), with Phenol Red500ml£12.20
K1-0653Trypsin EDTA Solution A (0.25%), EDTA (0.02%)100ml£35.50
K1-0658Trypsin EDTA Solution C (0.5%), EDTA 0.2% (10X)500ml£23.00
K1-0654Trypsin EDTA Solution B (0.25%), EDTA (0.05%), with Phenol Red100ml£12.20
K1-0655Trypsin EDTA Solution B (0.25%), EDTA (0.05%), with Phenol Red100ml£35.50
K1-0656Trypsin EDTA Solution C (0.05%), EDTA (0.02%), with Phenol Red500ml£12.20
K1-0657Trypsin EDTA Solution C (0.05%), EDTA (0.02%)500ml£31.80

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