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NEW FastGene ® FAS-X Gel Documentation System

November 15th, 2023 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “NEW FastGene ® FAS-X Gel Documentation System”


This new standalone system utilises safe Blue/Green LED technology controlled by an in-built touch screen with intuitive easy-to-use software.


Not UV, not Blue LED, but Blue/Green LED!

UV light is dangerous and destructive. Blue LEDs have poor sensitivity to many dyes.
With the FAS-X, it is time to say goodbye to these problems. Our unique Blue/Green LED technology protects the user and will boost your results with incredible sensitivity.


One Light Source for DNA, RNA and proteins!

Unlock the potential of imaging flexibility.
The powerful Blue/Green LED technology of the FAS-X shows a remarkable performance with the full spectrum of DNA or protein fluorescent dyes.


  • SAFE | Protection of users and samples
    No risk of UV light exposure due to innovative Blue/Green LED transilluminator
  • ALL IN ONE | No additional equipment needed
    Stand-alone system with integrated computer that requires only 40 cm bench space
  • HIGH RESOLUTION |Perfect pictures
    Detection of even faint bands with the 20 MPixel CMOS camera
  • VERSATILE | One device for all green and red DNA dyes
    Any safe DNA dye and EtBr can be detected with great performance
  • FITS ALL GELS |Imaging of large gels or simultaneous imaging of multiple gels
    Large illumination area: 26 cm x 21 cm
  • CONVENIENT USE | Simple but effective
    Large high-resolution touch screen: 13.3 inches, soft-close drawer
  • INTUITIVE |Stress-free capture of the best gel images
    Very user-friendly software enabling easiest communication with the camera, automatic image optimisation


Contact for more information.

Aquaguard Disinfectant Alternatives

September 6th, 2023 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Aquaguard Disinfectant Alternatives”

As many folks are now aware, Aquaguard Tissue Culture disinfectants have unfortunately been discontinued.

However, we have some GOOD NEWS!!

We have evaluated several alternative products and are now pleased to announce the supply of ThermoClean Protection Solutions which we anticipate will be available in mid-September.


ThermoClean Protection Solutions prevent bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi and algae from growing in water and they prevent endospores from flourishing. They do not contain antibiotics, biocides, organic solvents, heavy metals, formaldehydes, acids, alikalis, aggressive phosphates or phenols.

More details are at Disinfectant Surface Sprays and Protectant Concentrates Archives – GENEFLOW

NEW FastGene qFYR Real-Time PCR System

August 21st, 2023 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “NEW FastGene qFYR Real-Time PCR System”

Introducing the qFYR Real-Time PCR Machine – the gateway to unparalleled accuracy, speed and reliability in quantitative PCR.



Why choose the Nippon Genetics qFYR Real-Time PCR Machine?
  • Fast detection − Probe & dye-based assays
  • Multiplex qPCR − 4+1 channels
    • 4 different colour channels
    • Plus an additional second FAM/SYBR channel for fast dual mode melt curve analysis
  • Standard plate format − 96-well block with gradient function
  • Highest sensitivity
  • Outstanding homogeneity across all wells of a 96-well plate
  • Software included − Easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Integrated Precision Melt Analysis Tool (for probe-based allelic discrimination)
  • Many applications − Gene expression analysis, genotyping, HRM (high resolution melt), pathogen detection, genetic analysis


Contact for product brochure and further information.


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