Gel Imaging & Laboratory EquipmentTransilluninators & Accessories

Product #DescriptionPriceUnitInfoProtocol
G5-0704UV Transilluminator 20 x 20cm, Medium Wave, 302nm£603.00Each  
G5-0706UV Transilluminator 20 X 20cm (302nm)£723.00Each  
G5-0715Fastgene® Blue/Green Light LED Illuminator, 340 x 270 x 50mm£1,625.00Eachinfo 
G5-0716FastGene® Blue Light LED Illuminator 470nm, 12cm x 7cm viewing area£584.00Eachinfo 
G5-0718FastGene® Blue Light LED Transilluminator 470nm, 20cm x 16cm viewing area£879.00Eachinfo 
G5-0720Amber Goggles for use with Blue Light LED Transilluminators£89.00pair  
G5-0722UV Safety Screen For Use With Stand Alone Uv Transilluminator£237.00Each  
G5-0723Transilluminator Gel Support Plate, 6mm Thick, Size 22 x 22cm£86.30Each  
G5-0725MWT8 - UV Bulb For Transilluminator£32.00Each  

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