Gel Imaging & Laboratory EquipmentCentrifuges

Product #DescriptionPriceUnitInfoProtocol
C2-0002Ultra Compact Micro Centrifuge£240.00Each  
C2-0007FastGene® High Speed Mini Centrifuge£884.00Eachinfo 
C2-0009FastGene® Plate Centrifuge£734.00Eachinfo 
C2-0012Sigma 1-14 Microfuge Inc 24 X 1.5/2.2ml Rotor & Lid, Max Speed 14,800rpm£1,350.00Eachinfo 
C2-0052Swing-out Rotor For 24 X 1.5/2.2ml Tubes£1,476.00Each  
C2-0054Angle Rotor For 24 X 1.5/2.2ml Tubes£835.00Each  
C2-0062Microhematocrit Rotor, Suitable For 24 Capillary Tubes 1.5 X 0.75mm, 50ul£594.00Each  
C2-0072Angle Rotor For 30 x 1.5/2.2ml Tubes£994.00Each  
C2-0074Angle Rotor For 12 PCR-strips With 8 Tubes 0.2ml£1,133.00Each  
C2-0078Sigma 3-16K Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge, 15300 rpm£6,825.00Each  
C2-0080Swing-out Rotor For 4 Buckets£723.00Each  
C2-0082250m Round Bucket For Rotor 11180£586.00Each  
C2-0084Sealing Cap For Bucket 17190£130.00Each  
C2-0086Adapter For 5 x 15ml Falcon Tubes£174.00Each  
C2-0088Adapter For 3 x 50ml Falcon Tubes£174.00Each  
C2-0092Hermetically Sealed Angled Rotor For 6 x 30ml Tubes £1,061.00Each  
C2-0094Hermetically Sealed Fixed Angle Rotor For 24 X 1.5/2.2ml Microtubes£865.00Each  
C2-00984-Place Swing Out Rotor£499.00Each  
C2-010050ml Falcon Bucket Complete with Cap£318.00Each  
C2-010215ml Falcon Adapter£50.00Each  
C2-0104Swing Out Rotor for Microtiter Plates Complete with Buckets£1,641.00Each  
C2-014212131 - Angle Rotor For 30 x 1.5/2.2ml Tubes£1,211.00Each  
SCF2Microfuge, (0 to 13,500rpm) for 12 x 1.5ml Tubes, Including 0.5ml Adaptors£902.00Eachinfo 

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