A2-0002 SequaGel Concentrate
A2-0026 SequaGel 6
A2-0044 SequaGel MD
A2-0052 SequaGel XR
A2-0062 Accugel 19:1 Acrylamide
A2-0084 Acrylagel Acrylamide
B9-0042 Protein Loading Buffer
B9-0044 UreaGel Loading Buffer
B9-0092/96 MES and Mops Buffers
E7-0004 TransIT-LT1 Transfection Reagent
E7-0020 TransIT-Express Transfection Reagent
E7-0028 TransIT-293 Transfection Reagent
E7-0036 TransIT-3T3 Transfection Kit
E7-0044 TransIT-CHO Transfection Kit
E7-0052 TransIT-COS Transfection Kit
E7-0060 TransIT-HelaMONSTER Transfection Kit
E7-0076 TransIT-Jurkat Transfection Reagent
E7-0084 TransIT-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent
E7-0092 TransIT-Neural Transfection Reagent
E7-0100 TransIT-Prostate Transfection Kit
E7-0108 TransIT-TKO Transfection Reagent
E7-0116 TransIT-siQUEST Reagent
E7-0122 TransIT-siPAK
E7-0124 TransIT-siPAK Plus Kit
E7-0128 TransIT-mRNA Transfection Reagent
E7-0136 TransIT-Oligo Transfection Reagent
E7-0142 TransIT-2020 Transfection Reagent
E7-0152 TransIT-Pro
E7-0530 Ingenio Cell Droppers
K1-0060 HRP Detection Substrate
K1-0066 Supernova HRP Detection Substrate
K1-0124 RNA Save Solution
K1-0127 Rnase Exitus Plus RNAse Removal Solution
K1-0170 EZ-ECL Chemiluminescence Detection Kit
P4-0002 ProteoSpin CBED (Concentration, Buffer Exchange & Desalting) Micro Kit
P4-0006 ProteoSpin MAXI CBED Kit, 4 Preps
P4-0010 ProteoSpin Detergent Clean-Up Micro Kit
P4-0014 ProteoSpin MAXI Detergent Clean Up Kit
P4-0015 Total RNA Purification Kit
P4-0018 RNA/Protein Purification Kit
P4-0019 RNA/Protein Purification Kit
P4-0020 ProteoSpin Inclusion Body Isolation Micro Kit
P4-0024 ProteoSpin MAXI Inclusion Body Isolation Kit
P4-0026 ProteoSpin Urine Protein Concentration Kit
P4-0027 ProteoSpin Urine Protein Concentration Kit
P4-0028 ProteoSpin Abundant Serum Protein Depletion Kit
P4-0030 ProteoSpin On-Column Proteolytic Digestion Kit
P4-0032 Plasmid MiniPrep Kit
P4-0033 Plasmid MaxiPrep Kit, Endotoxin Free
P4-0034 Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent
P4-0037 Sequencing Reaction Cleanup
P4-0038 Cell Lysis Reagent
P4-0042 Low Copy Plasmid MiniPrep Kit
P4-0043 Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0045 Yeast Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0046 Urine DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0048 Endotoxin Removal Kit (Mini) For DNA
P4-0050 Endotoxin Removal Kit (Maxi) For DNA
P4-0051 Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0052 Saliva DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0053 PCR Purification Kit
P4-0054 Milk Bacterial DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0055 Gel Extraction Kit
P4-0057 Total RNA Purification Maxi Kit
P4-0058 Total RNA Purification Kit
P4-0059 Total RNA Purification 96 Well Kit
P4-0060 Cytoplasmic & Nuclear RNA Purification Kit
P4-0061 Animal Tissue RNA Protocol
P4-0062 Leukocyte RNA Purification Kit
P4-0063 All-in-One Purification Kit
P4-0064 MicroRNA Purification Kit
P4-0065 RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Kit
P4-0067 RNA/Protein Purification Kit
P4-0068 ProteoSpin Endotoxin Removal Micro Kit for Proteins and Peptides
P4-0070 ProteoSpin Endotoxin Removal Maxi Kit for Proteins and Peptides
P4-0072 FFPE RNA Purification Kit
P4-0074 FFPE RNA/DNA Purification Kit
P4-0077 BAC DNA MiniPrep Kit
P4-0076 Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit
P4-0078 Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0080 Plant RNA/DNA Purification Kit
P4-0082 Direct Fungi DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0083 Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0084 Urine (Exfoliated Cell) RNA Purification Kit
P4-0085 RNA/Protein Purification Kit
P4-0086 Urine (Exfoliated Cell) DNA Purification Kit
P4-0088 Urine Bacteria RNA Purification Kit
P4-0089 Urine MicroRNA Purification Kit
P4-0090 RNA Clean-Up And Concentration Micro Kit
P4-0092 Soil DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0093 Stool DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0094 Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit - 0.45um
P4-0096 Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit - 0.22um
P4-0097 CleanAll RNA/DNA Purification Kit
P4-0099 Total RNA Purification Micro Kit
P4-0098 Rnase-Free DNase I Kit
P4-0100 Yeast/Fungi Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0104 Urine DNA Isolation Kit Mini, Slurry Format
P4-0110 Blood DNA Preservation Buffer
P4-0112 Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Midi Kit
P4-0114 Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Maxi Kit
P4-0116 Buccal DNA Collection and Preservation
P4-0121 Plama Serum Circulating RNA Purification
P4-0124 Plama Serum Circulating DNA Isolation
P4-0128 Phage DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0129 Preserved Blood RNA Purification
P4-0130 Saliva Collection Preservation and Isolation
P4-0134 Phage DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0139 RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Plus Kit
P4-0140 RNA/DNA/Protein Purification PLUS Kit
P4-0142 Sputum Collection Preservation and Iso Kit
P4-0144 Sputum DNA Isolation Kit
P4-0146 Sputum Liquification Buffer
P4-0148 Soil RNA Purification Kit
P4-0152 Yeast Fungal RNA DNA Purification
P4-0154 Urine Collection and Preservation Tube
P4-0176 Plasma/Serum RNA Purification Mini Kit
P7-0002 SuperSpin Desaltor
P7-0010 IMAC Co SuperSpin Tube
P7-0014 His Buffer Kit
P7-0028 IMAC Ni SepFast BG Resin
S6-0008 Nuclistain
S6-0010 Sterling Rapid Silver Stain
S6-0018 Midori Green DNA Stain
S6-0022 Midori Green Advance DNA Stain
S6-0028 ProtoMarkers Pre-stained Protein markers
S6-0044 ProtoBlue Safe Collloidal Coomassie Stain
T3-0158 Sensoquest Thermal Cycler

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