AcrylaGel and Bis-AcrylaGel Image NuclistainTM
  • UV Free Visualization of DNA and RNA
  • Improves Yield in PCR Pruification from Agarose Gels
  • Easy and Safe
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  Nuclistain is intended as a replacement for the conventionally used ethidium bromide for the rapid detection of double and single stranded DNA and RNA in agarose and polyacrylamide gels. Its sensitivity is nearly comparable, with the capability of detecting as little as 10-50 ng of nucleic acid sample.

The advantage of Nuclistain is that the results are visible under normal lighting conditions, eliminating the possibility of sample damage by UV radiation. Furthermore, Nuclistain visualization dramatically improves the yield of smaller and medium sized DNA (<500 bp) obtained by purification from agarose. Nuclistain binding is reversible and does not modify nucleic acids.

Nuclistain is extremely easy to use. One 25 ml bottle of Nuclistain will make 2.5 liters of stain solution. The separated DNA appears as dark blue bands on a light blue background.


Order Number S6-0008


Sterling Rapid Silver Stain SterlingTM Rapid Silver Stain  
  • Detects Sub-Nanogram Levels of DNA or 5 ng of Protein
  • Fix, Wash, and Stain in One Hour
  • Easy System with Fewer Reagents and One Stain
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National Diagnostics' STERLING Silver Staining System offers high sensitivity silver staining faster and more conveniently than any other available kit. The unique chemistry of STERLING allows the staining to be carried out in a single solution, whereas standard silver stain procedures require nine or more solutions and washes after fixation. Simply fix a polyacrylamide gel using our unique fixative, wash, and place the gel in the STERLING Staining Solution. Bands will appear in 5-10 minutes. Its that simple.

DNA appears as dark brown/black bands on a clear background. Levels as low as 0.1 ng/band can be detected. Proteins, at levels as low as 5 ng/band, appear as black/brown bands. The entire procedure is completed in one (1) hour.

The STERLING Silver Staining System is supplied as a kit, containing 450ml of Stain Reagent A Concentrate, 60 grams of Stain Reagent B (powder) and 100ml of Fixative Concentrate. The kit contains sufficient material to stain 18 mini-gels.

Storage: The components of the STERLING Rapid Silver Stain Kit are stable for 24 months when stored tightly capped in a dark area at room temperature (20oC).

Order Number S6-0010


  Triple Dye Loading Buffer (6X)

With three tracking dyes (Bromophenol Blue, Xylene Cyanol, and Orange G), Triple Dye Loading Buffer (6X) is a nondenaturing loading buffer for native polyacrylamide and agarose gel applications.

Triple dye loading buffer is supplied in 1.2 ml vials containing 50% (w/v) sucrose and 40mM tris base in distilled, deionized water.

Order Number S6-0012


ProtoMarkers Image ProtoMarkersTM
  • Proteins Stained with High Definition Blue Dye
  • Red Marker Dye Included for Easy Orientation
  • High Contrast, High Intensity Labeling
  • Improved Visibility, Particularly for Western Blots
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National Diagnostics' ProtoMarkers consist of five (5) purified proteins, each permanently labeled with high-contrast blue dye to allow visual tracking of SDS-PAGE and blotting procedures. A non-participatory red dye highlights the 45 kD band, facilitating accurate positioning of the blue bands on the gel. This system combines the clear visualization of high-contrast blue dye with the ease of orientation found with multicolored markers.

ProtoMarkers are pre-mixed in loading buffer, so simply load 5-10 l per well for mini-gels or 10-20 l for large format gels. ProtoMarkers Protein Standards range in size from approximately 20 kD to 90 kD, covering the most common protein molecular weights. Because the marker sizes may vary slightly from lot to lot due to inherent variations in the labeling chemistry, the individual sizes are calibrated for each lot and printed on the label for easy reference.

Order Number S6-0028

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