PCR Tubes

The Importance of a Thin-wall tube for a PCR Reaction

Not enough researchers realize that the thin-wall tube they use for their thermal cycling reaction could be the cause of problems that greatly influence the outcome of the run. Too much evaporation of the reaction volume disturbs the concentrations and relations of the PCR components, and should therefore be avoided. The amount of evaporation of a tube is directly related to the uniformity of the wall. Non-uniformity of the walls increases evaporation dramatically. Also the properties of the cap are of influence.

Flexibility of the tube material determines the fitting of the tube in the block, and is directly related to the thermal transfer quality. The more even the heat is distributed through the wall the better a reaction performs.

Geneflow Ltd advises to order free samples of the tubes you want to use to be sure they will fit your needs.

The EU (Extreme Uniform) Thin-Wall Tube

BIOplastics (member of the BIOzym Group) designers have chosen the highest qualities of virgin polypropylene, and defined a custom-made mix to ensure a perfect balance between transparency, impact resistance and gas-tightness. The result is called the EU (Extreme Uniform) Single 0.2 ml Thin-Wall Tube with attached Thin-Wall Anti-Contamination Cap. Being the most innovative BIOplastics product ever, it is now available for testing. Request your free samples.

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