PCR Cabinet / UV Sterilization Cabinet

The Geneflow PCR cabinet or UV sterilization cabinet is a powerful tool for preventing contamination during the setting up of PCR reactions. Unwanted DNA or RNA contaminants can be destroyed in as little as 30 minutes, giving a completely template free workplace to set-up PCR reactions in complete confidence.

Four powerful, timer controlled UV tubes combined with optimized reflectors efficiently irradiate the work surface containing equipment, tubes, pipettes etc. Another advanced feature of the PCR cabinet are the safety doors which disconnect the UV light source when opened. The unit is constructed from 10mm acrylic so it also efficiently shields against Beta radiation and biohazard samples.

A white light is also included to provide adequate illumination during sample preparation. The PCR cabinet is fully compatible with 68 x 54cm safety trays.

The new Mini UV Cabinet has been designed for limited budget and space requirements. 

  • Inactivates nucleic acids in 5 to 30 minutes

  • Doors fitted with safety switches

  • Complete with four powerful, timer controlled UV bulbs (Standard Cabinet)

  • Efficient decontamination of the complete work surface

  • Suitable for work with 32P


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