Aquaguard Solutions for Disinfecting Incubators and Water Baths

A CO2 incubator and water bath are basic equipment required in tissue culture. However these also make fertile breading ground for contaminants due to the high humidity and temperature. As soon as contamination appears it can be difficult to eliminate  and severe damage can be caused. It is therefore essential to systematically clean and disinfect the equipment.

Disinfecting Water in the Incubator and Prevention of Microbial Growth

Aquaguard -1 contains a disinfectant that does not cause damage to the stainless steel tray, is non-toxic and non-volatile.

The water should be replaced with sterile water every two to four weeks, adding 50ml of Aquaguard-1 per 5 litres of water.
Disinfecting Water in Water Baths and Prevention of Microbial Growth

Aquaguard-2 is intended for disinfecting various kinds of water baths from bacteria and fungi. The active ingredient is safe to humans and does not cause any irritating effects to the skin when used in the recommended concentration.

Aquaguard-2 has been approved by the FDA for use in cosmetics and is also biodegradable.

It is recommended to use 2ml Aquaguard-2 per litre of water and to repeat the procedure every 1-2 weeks.

Note: This is not for use in Incubators, for that purpose use Aquaguard-1

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