Antibiotics for the Treatment of Mycoplasma-Infected Cells

The contamination of cells with antibiotics is a very common problem even though it often goes unnoticed since cloudiness does not always develop in the cell culture.

BIOMYC solutions are a combination of antibiotics which have been shown to be effective in the elimination of mycoplasma species that account for 90% of the contamination found in cell cultures.

When used according to the instructions, no cytotoxic effects will occur.

Antibiotic Characteristics

BIOMYC-1 is based on the antibiotic tiamutin, which is produced by the fungus pleurotus mutilus.

BIOMYC-2 is based on minocycline, which is a tetracycline derivative.

It is recommended that these are used sequentially rather than together.

BIOMYC -3 is based on ciprofloxacin which is a member of the fluoroquinolone group. Many mycoplasma species have been found to be sensitive to BIOMYC-3 which when used at concentrations recommended for use should not demonstrate any cytotoxic effects.

A downloadable PDF file with detailed instructions is included with each kit. More Info

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