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SequaGel Sequencing System

  • Casts 19:1 Denaturing Gels up to 20% Monomer
  • Aldehyde Free and Ammonia Free
  • Stabilized for Long Shelf Life
  • Consistently Crystal Clear Gels


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  The SequaGel Sequencing System consists of SequaGel Concentrate, SequaGel Diluent, and SequaGel Buffer. This system provides a convenient, dependable means for researchers to prepare gels of varying percentage. With the SequaGel Sequencing System the researcher readily prepares any commonly used gel formulation up to 20% monomer (19:1 Acrylamide/Bisacrylamide). Liter bottles of SequaGel Concentrate contain 237.5 grams of acrylamide, 12.5 grams of methylene bisacrylamide, and urea in a deionized aqueous solution. SequaGel Diluent is supplied in 450 ml and 1 liter bottles containing urea in deionized water. SequaGel Buffer is supplied in 100 ml and 200 ml bottles containing 0.89M Tris-Borate-20mM EDTA buffer pH 8.3 (10X TBE) and urea.

Storage: SequaGel Concentrate, SequaGel Diluent, and SequaGel Buffer are stable for one year when stored tightly capped in a dark area at room temperature (20oC).



SequaGel XR Image

SequaGel XR

  • Extended Range Gel Solution for DNA Electrophoresis
  • Higher Resolution
  • Rapid Running
  • Available as a Premixed 2 Bottle Kit or Concentrate


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National Diagnostics' SequaGel XR is specially formulated to produce greater resolution and more information -- up to 500 DNA bands on a single-load gel. SequaGel XR's optimized, proprietary formulation prevents aberrant band inversions and yields sharp, clear, highly resolved bands.

SequaGel XR runs substantially faster than traditional gels, while actually improving resolution. These results are achieved in a comfortable time-tested format, providing full interlaboratory reproducibility. By preventing band inversions, SequaGel XR bands are sharp and true. SequaGel XR provides more information by allowing greater separation between bands near the top of the gel. This effect, similar to a wedge gel, is achieved with standard spacers.

The quality and consistency of SequaGel XR is evidenced by the uniform background obtained upon drying. Band edges are sharp. Even without fixing, the gel will dry without cracking or crazing. The result is a finely-rendered, highly detailed DNA gel.

SequaGel XR is shipped as a two component system consisting of the SequaGel XR Monomer Solution and SequaGel Complete Buffer. SequaGel Complete Buffer Solution contains TBE and TEMED. No dilutions are necessary in this easy to use system. The researcher simply combines the two solutions, adds ammonium persulfate, and casts the gel. SequaGel XR is also available in the form of a 50% stock solution, SequaGel XR Concentrate.

Storage: SequaGel XR and SequaGel XR Concentrate are stable for one year when stored tightly capped, in a dark area at room temperature (20oC).



AutoMatrix 4.5 Image

AutoMatrixTM 4.5

  • Best All Around Gel Matrix for the ABI 377
  • Maximum Separation and Read Length, Low Background
  • Quality Controlled for Purity and Performance
  • Easy to Use: Just Add TBE and Initiator and Cast Gel


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AutoMatrix consistently provides read lengths greater than 700 bases on the ABI 377 automated sequencer. Combined with 10X TBE, AutoMatrix forms a gel with 29:1 acrylamide to bis-acrylamide in 6M urea. Applied Biosystems has shown this formulation to give the best separation and read lengths over the widest range of applications with the ABI 377 automated sequencer. Reliable, economical, and ultra-pure, AutoMatrix 4.5 is the optimal formulation for automated sequencing on the ABI 377.

AutoMatrix is made stable by the incorporation of a gaseous inhibitor that prevents the self polymerization to which solid acrylamide is susceptible. It also inhibits the accumulation of oxidation products such as acrylic acid. All of this results in crystal clear gels of easily reproducible molecular composition. Identical pore sizes guarantee consistent, reliable electrophoretic runs and Rf values.

Storage: AutoMatrix 4.5 is stable for 12 months when stored tightly capped in a dark area at room temperature (20oC).



SequaGel MD Image

SequaGel MD

  • For the Detection of Minor Mutational Differences
  • Point Mutation Analysis
  • SSCP Analysis
  • Heteroduplex Analysis


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SequaGel MD permits minor mutational differences in DNA sequences to be detected as a high resolution relative mobility (Rf) shift. SequaGel MD is a proprietary formulation, supplied as a 2X stock, designed to resolve sequence related differences by SSCP (Single Strand Conformational Polymorphism) and Heteroduplex Analysis.

DNA mutations, or sequence modifications, are readily associated with specific disease states. Since a variation of a single nucleotide in a sequence may indicate a significant genetic anomaly, an extremely sensitive method to analyze these mutations is necessary.

Two principle methods of conformational analysis have been developed, SSCP Analysis and Heteroduplex Analysis. SequaGel MD is designed to run SSCP samples in the 100-300 nucleotide range at a 0.5X concentration. Small fragments may be better resolved by using higher concentration (0.75X) gels. Larger fragments may be better resolved by running lower concentration (0.4X) gels. SequaGel MD is designed to run heteroduplex analysis on DNA fragments up to 900 bases at a 1X concentration.



AccuGel Image

AccuGelTM 19:1
AccuGelTM 29:1

  • Premixed Acrylamide:Bisacrylamide Solutions
  • Stabilized for a Two Year Shelf Life
  • Consistently Crystal Clear Gels
  • Now available in 30% or 40% concentration


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AccuGel 19:1 and AccuGel 29:1 are ready-to-use monomer solutions for the preparation of electrophoresis gels for DNA or RNA. AccuGel 19:1 contains 19 grams of acrylamide per gram of methylene bisacrylamide (MBA) cross-linker. AccuGel 29:1 contains 29 grams of acrylamide per gram MBA.

Available in 30% or the popular 40% concentration, these solutions are ideal for the separation of double stranded DNA fragments. AccuGel 19:1 is best suited for the range of molecular size less than 100 bp, while AccuGel 29:1 is best suited for fragments between 100 and 1000 bp. With the addition of urea, AccuGel solutions will also formulate superior sequencing gels.

Storage: AccuGel 19:1 and AccuGel 29:1 are stable for 24 months when stored tightly capped in a dark area at room temperature (20oC).


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