‘MP – Series’  Power Supplies.

The MP Power supplies are high performance, easy to operate instruments which can handle virtually any application from high voltage electrophoresis to high current blotting. They are unique in offering both graphic and text displays and are completely programmable with self-prompting menus and multiple operation modes.

Easy to Use

These units are easily operated by entering the system parameters via the membrane keypad and pressing ‘start’. They are fully programmable to recall and run constant or multi-step  electrophoresis in a variety of operational modes :

Constant operation with timer- Program constant voltage, current or wattage with timer to eliminate the possibility of running samples off gels.

Programmable mode- Program multi-step methods of up to 6 steps.

Memory mode- Store 16 files to recall and re-run.

Setting parameters will be displayed continuously compared with actual run conditions. This can be visualized by the touching “ select display ” key.

Clear Display

The MAX POWER 500 V Programmable Power Supply has a large, 128 x 64    dot matrix display screen allowing both graphic and text mode. For example ( File Number 01 / constant voltages ): running time : after 10 min


TThe MP 500 V Programmable Power Supplies conform to all relevant safety standards to protect both the operator and the instrument. It will be displayed with alarm when the ground leakage, no load or overload.


Dimension :  180 x 140 x 280 mm  ( W x H x L )

Construction : Plastic

Working Temperature :  0 - 40

    Max. Voltage :           500 V             2000 V         200 V

    Max Current :            400 mA           300 mA         2 A

    Max Watt :               200 W            200 W           200 W

Output Type : Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Constant wattage

Program storage : 16 programmed files

Program multi-step : up to 6 steps 

Safety : a. No Load detection

            b. Leakage detection

            c. Overload detection 

Timer setting : 1 - 999 mm with alarm

Display : 28 x 64 dot matrix display screen

Supplied  with :

1. MP Programmable Power Supply

22. Cable


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