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Exosomes and Microvesicle Isolation   Norgen Logo    

Complete listing of Norgen Biotek kits for isolating Exosomes and their contents.

Cryostem Cell Freezing Media Validation BI Logo

Testing data on the use of Cryostem Cell freezing media on Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Stem Cell Products

Are you culturing Pluripotent or Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

Full listing of the Biological Industries media and related products

New NanoPhotometer™ All-In-One Spectrophotometer Family

Nano with text

  • Accurate measurement of Protein, DNA and RNA

  • 0.3ul sample volume

  • Maintenance free

  • NEW  Flexible unit control options, LCD touchscreen, smartphone, tablet and PC/Mac

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New Technical and Application Notes to accompany the NanoPhotometer

New NanoPhotometer™ C40 Cuvette Spectrophotometer c40

  • Heated cuvette compartment optimised for all standard cuvettes (8.5mm)

  • Full scan capability 200-900nm

  • Rapid sample analysis in only 3.5 seconds

  • Flexible data output - equipped with Wi-Fi, USB A/B, HDMI and LAN interface connections for flexible instrument control and data saving options. Front USB flash drive port for quick and easy data transfer

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FastGene® Optima PolymeraseFastgene

  • A mixture of a highly purified Taq Polymerase and a modified type-B polymerase with proof-reading abilities

  • Developed for standard PCR, difficult PCR and very long amplicons of over 7.5 kBp

  • Available as HotStart ReadyMix which combines the efficiency and robustness of the FastGene® Optima with a proprietary antibody that inhibits preliminary unspecific reactions
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Mirus Bio Transfection Reagents are now supplied in new packaging!

Mirus New
  • The Trans-IT® range of transfection reagents are now supplied in fully reusable and recyclable product tins and inserts
  • Quick reference protocols are supplied with each product whilst the detailed protocol, MSDS and CofA’s are available on line  

MAC Compatibility for Syngene Gel Imaging Systems

We are very pleased to announce that Syngene gel imaging systems can now be used on a MAC using OSX 10.8.3. This means that both GeneSys and GeneTools can be made to run on a MAC computer.

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Midori Green Advance

  • Midori Green Advance DNA stain is a safer alternative to Ethidium bromide stain
  • Detects DNA and RNA  in agarose gels
  • Gels can be visualised using standard filters and UV transilluminators    

More Information – Click here – Midori Green Advance Information

Urine DNA Isolation Kits

A recent publication has compared the Norgen Urine DNA isolation kit with several other commercially-available extraction methods and the Norgen kit was selected as the preferred method giving the most consistently positive results. Moreover, this paper re-enforces that frozen samples are not the appropriate source for detection of pathogens but that non-frozen, preserved urine is ideal. 

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DNA Isolation Kits

Urine DNA Collection and Preservation


Rapid Isolation of microRNA, RNA, circulating nucleic acids and DNA

Norgen's line of blood/plasma/serum sample preparation products provide fast, robust, reliable and simple procedures for isolating and purifying high quality macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, circulating nucleic acids and microRNA from a wide range of sample volumes.

Genomic DNA can be isolated from blood inputs ranging from as little as 10 µL to as much as 10 mL. Circulating nucleic acids, including DNA, RNA, small RNAs and viral DNA, can be isolated from plasma or serum inputs ranging from as little as 0.5 mL to as much as 5 mL.

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Now supplied with 5 YEARS WARRANTY

The Sensoquest Labcycler has a processor controlled block with separately controlled peltier elements for extraordinary temperature homogeneity at high heating and cooling rates.

State-of-the-art peltier elements have demonstrated more than 600000 cycles so far without any failures. This gives more  than 15 years of lifetime even under the most demanding conditions, like DNA-sequencing on a daily basis.

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