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NanoPhotometer® All-In-One Spectrophotometer Family   

  • Accurate measurement of Protein, DNA and RNA
  • 0.3ul sample volume
  • Maintenance free, stand-alone operation
  • Flexible unit control, LCD touchscreen, smartphone, tablet and PC/Mac

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New NanoPhotometer™ C40 Cuvette Spectrophotometer c40

  • Heated cuvette compartment optimised for all standard cuvettes (8.5mm)
  • Full scan capability 200-900nm
  • Rapid sample analysis in only 3.5 seconds
  • Flexible data output - equipped with Wi-Fi, USB A/B, HDMI and LAN interface
  • Front USB flash drive port for quick and easy data transfer

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Blue Green Light LED Transilluminator PXi

  • New strategy for imaging DNA gels replacing harmful UV
  •  Utilises a SPECTRUM of blue-green light from 470nm to 520nm thereby generating high signal intensities
  • Increases the signal intensity of Midori Green dyes leading to same/higher intensity as EtBr with UV
  • Work with a number of dyes including Midori Green, GelRed, GelGreen, SYBRSafe and Ethidium Bromide
  •  34 x 27cm viewing area
Blue and BlueGreen Technology Information      LED

NuGenius Gel Imaging System

  • Low cost, integrated system for DNA and protein gel documentation
  •  Integrated 7 inch colour touch-screen and built-in processor
  •  5 million pixel CCD camera, f 1.2 motor driven lens
  • Small footprint taking up minima bench space

Mupid One Electrophoresis Unit

  • DNA gel tank with built-in power pack Mupid
  • Supplied with 4 MC combs which can be used from both sides (13 and 26 wells), 2 small and 1 large gel trays
  • Heat resistant gels trays meaning gel solutions of up to 100°C can be used
  •  Guaranteed straight bands
  •  MUPID LED Illuminator allows detection of DNA fragments during the run
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55-Scriptase High Temperature RT Enzyme 55

  • High temperature reverse transcription (50°C - 60°C)
  • Reduces secondary structure of template RNA
  • Extra long cDNAs from 10kb to 20+kb
  • Lower Ct values for qPCR
  • Available as 55 Scriptase Enzyme or as complete cDNA Synthesis Kit

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Exosome Purification Kits manufactured by Norgen BiotekKit Box

  • Exosome RNA isolation kits for plasma, serum, ascitic fluid, urine and tissue culture media
  • Simultaneously concentrate and isolate high quality exosomal RNA, including microRNA for use in sensitive downstream assays
  • Purification and enrichment of intact plasma/serum exosomes for functional studies
  • Intact exosome purification kits with versatile sample inputs from 50ul to 10mls

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TransIT®- Lenti for High Titer Lentivirus Production Virus

  • Enhanced delivery of packaging and transfer vectors to adherent 293-T cells
  • Up to 8-fold higher functional titers
  •  Simple protocol, no media change required, single harvest
  • Animal origin-free formulation
  • Free samples available

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FastGene® Optima Polymerase Optima

  • A mixture of a highly purified Taq Polymerase and a modified type-B polymerase with proof-reading abilities
  • Developed for standard PCR, difficult PCR and very long amplicons of over 7.5 kBp  
  • Available as HotStart ReadyMix which combines the efficiency and robustness of the FastGene® Optima with a proprietary antibody that inhibits preliminary unspecific reactions

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TransIT-X2 Transfection ReagentMirus

  • Efficiency – exceptional broad spectrum transfection
  • Versatility – cutting edge delivery of plasmid DNA and siRNA
  • Technology – novel, non-liposomal, polymeric delivery

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TransIT X2 Protocol Optimisation

CHOGRO Expression System from Mirus Bio Chogro

  • High protein production in suspension CHO Cells 
  • Quick adaptation to CHO lineages
  • Optimised to give high density growth with minimal clumping post-transfection
  • No commercial licence required; animal origin-free

CHOGRO White Paper

Midori Green Advance Nucleic Acid Stain  

Midori Green
  • A safer alternative to ethidium bromide stain
  • Midori Green Advance is added to Agarose, Midori Green Direct is mixed directly with the sample prior to loading onto a gel
  • Suitable for any kind of filter and imaging system
  • Comprehensive saftey data
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